brightwheel Payments

Brightwheel was built for schools & families, to make your lives easier. That’s why we’ve made school payments as easy as 1-2-3! Our billing feature allows for digital payments direct from your bank account, credit and debit card.

Yes it’s true: No more checks to write! Get invoices electronically, and pay your bill with oneclick or via automatic withdrawals.

Brightwheel billing features include:

  • Easy setup: Use your existing brightwheel account.

  • Easy payments: Direct from your bank account or via credit/debit card (if your school enablesthis payment method). No more checks!

  • Easy tracking: All records kept in your secure portal, receipts are sent automatically via email.

  • Secure: We use the highest levels of security and compliance. Info is protected and encrypted.

You will need a registration code to make online payments. To obtain your code call 954-434-5252 ext 100